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Reception Room

It may not look like it yet, but spring will be here, eventually. It’s always the same story, when you think about it. The redundant storms and ice-ups give the illusion that the hard work of winter will stretch well beyond our abilities to sustain it, until one morning a songbird diverts the eye to… Continue reading Reception Room

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Pizza Pizza

October is a perfect month. Why, you ask? October is National cookie month, dessert month, popcorn popping month, pasta month, country ham month and, drum roll please, National Pizza month. What’s more, if it were not for America, there might not be any tomato sauce or tomatoes on modern pizza. Portuguese and Spanish explorers brought… Continue reading Pizza Pizza

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This Week in Food History – 03/06/2017

  They were first sold by a Hoboken, New Jersey grocer 105 years ago today. They are the world's most popular cookies, present on the shelves of food markets in well over 100 countries. Most people take them apart to eat them. If you guessed Oreo, you're right on the button... hmm, the cookie. The… Continue reading This Week in Food History – 03/06/2017