Valentine’s Day 2018 Gallery

Memories. We anticipate special events with the imagination as much as with our emotions; one moment feeling excited and joy filled, the next feeling irritable as we wait, and wait, and wait. You may have had a special gift to offer. It was hidden for months or days. What will be the look on her… Continue reading Valentine’s Day 2018 Gallery

Family time, Photos

New Year’s Eve 2017 Gallery

You know how it goes. You spend hours standing in the middle of your living room, dreaming of new furniture. You imagine the new textures, colors and arrangement in minute detail, pouring so much creative energy in the process that it almost becomes a meditation. In fact, your mind is so occupied and taken by… Continue reading New Year’s Eve 2017 Gallery

Family time, Photos

New Year’s Eve 2016 Gallery & Musings

Our eyes are still set in front of our faces, focusing on the horizon. After thousands of years of evolution, we still see the world from the perspective of the hunter. Our true angle of vision is much wider than this, of course, but we mostly notice the corridor that unfolds ahead, often forgetting the… Continue reading New Year’s Eve 2016 Gallery & Musings