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You Say Shepherd’s Pie; I Say China Pie

Most shepherds probably never tasted shepherd’s pie; at least not while on the job. The reason for this is purely practical. Shepherds spent days miles away from the landowner’s cottage. The dish’s ingredients clearly did not lend themselves to carrying out on long, overnight hikes. We can easily infer from its name and ingredients that… Continue reading You Say Shepherd’s Pie; I Say China Pie

Food Facts & Lore

September Food Fest

Not to brag, but there are over 50 selections on our Breakfast Menu. This gives you ample choice to give a different flavor and mood to each day this month as September is National Breakfast Month. If dinner is your thing, this month also celebrates Chicken and Potatoes. We recommend Chicken Franscese in honor of… Continue reading September Food Fest

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The Diner – A Christmas Story

It was a week before Christmas, maybe two. The melancholy of the season had a way of stretching its tentacles to pick at the hearts of even the most optimistic folks. The local diner was a popular spot year-round. Locals stopped by for business lunches, breakfast before work and dinner with friends and family whenever… Continue reading The Diner – A Christmas Story