Food Facts & Lore

September Food Fest

Not to brag, but there are over 50 selections on our Breakfast Menu. This gives you ample choice to give a different flavor and mood to each day this month as September is National Breakfast Month. If dinner is your thing, this month also celebrates Chicken and Potatoes. We recommend Chicken Franscese in honor of the first. The second is best enjoyed in a warm Shepherd’s Pie.

The month-long food festivities would not be complete without a trip upstairs to Jeffersonville Pizza Department. It so happens September is National Mushroom Month. Enjoy a classic JPD works or imagine a new pie for the occasion. Mushroom, roasted red peppers, spinach and chicken is a personal favorite. By the way, September 5 was National Cheese Pizza Day.

Other noteworthy days this month include September 2, National Blueberry Popsicle Day. This one feels like a last goodbye to summer, but we’re not done yet. Later this month, on the 22nd, celebrate National Ice Cream Cone Day. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

September 10 is National TV Dinner Day. We would like to suggest a perfect variation for that one since it so happens that this year the 10th is on a Tuesday, better known as Tuesdeal at JPD. So, don’t forget to ask for your FREE small Cheese Pizza with any large. Get both for take out and make it a dinner and movie night, smack at the beginning of a school week. Life is grand.

September 14 is Eat A Hoagie Day. We bet very few would object to this. National Cheeseburger Day follows on the 18th. You might enjoy yours with bacon too. This, for some, goes without saying. But we’d like to suggest a twist: Vermont Bleu and Bacon Burger. You’ll find that one on our Lunch Menu.  

September 27 brings the month to a close with a Breakfast cameo. It is National Corned Beef Hash Day. You may like yours on the side, but we recommend poached eggs over corned beef, with Hollandaise, better known as the Irish Benedict. The 28th is National Drink Beer Day. It’s also on a Saturday this year, so you may enjoy a good brew with Brunch or Dinner at 158 Main or Dinner at JPD. Be sure to ask your server about our craft beers.

Raise a glass to September 2019, and here’s the Food Fest schedule for the entire month.

September 1: National Gyro Day
September 2: National Blueberry Popsicle Day
September 3: Birthday of the Duchess of Bedford, creator of afternoon tea
September 4: National Macadamia Nut Day
September 5: National Cheese Pizza Day
September 6: National Coffee Ice Cream Day
September 7: National Acorn Squash Day
September 8: National Date Nut Bread Day
September 9: National Wiener Schnitzel Day
September 10: National TV Dinner Day
September 11: National Hot Cross Bun Day
September 12: National Chocolate Milkshake Day
September 13: National Peanut Day
September 14: Eat A Hoagie Day
September 15: National Linguine Day
September 16: National Guacamole Day
September 17: National Apple Dumpling Day
September 18: National Cheeseburger Day
September 19: National Butterscotch Pudding Day
September 20: National Rum Punch Day
September 21: National Pecan Cookie Day
September 22: National Ice Cream Cone Day
September 23: National Great American Pot Pie Day
September 24: National Cherries Jubilee Day
September 25: National Crab Meat Newburg Day
September 26: National Pancake Day
September 27: National Chocolate Milk Day
September 27: National Corned Beef Hash Day
September 28: National Drink Beer Day
September 29: National Coffee Day
September 30: National Hot Mulled Cider Day