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Behold, The Chocolate Bunny

The first and most notorious chocolate bunny was a five-foot tall display in a department store window in Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1890. It was manufactured by the Luden Candy Company, per instructions from shopkeeper Robert L. Strohecker and attracted much business during the Easter Holiday, as intended. Strohecker was henceforth known as “the Father of… Continue reading Behold, The Chocolate Bunny

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Why Ham For Easter?

It has been said that the reason ham has become the traditional fare for Easter in America is merely the result of a typo from an old printing press in 15th-century France. Inventor Johannes Gutenberg introduced the printing press in France around 1450. A misprint in an article about lamb, the rightful traditional Passover meat… Continue reading Why Ham For Easter?

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April Freedom & BLTs

April, you will be pleased to know, is National BLT Sandwich Month! Now that makes up for mud season as fast as it takes to scream “BLT” with delight. Wouldn’t you say? It’s also National Grilled Cheese Month. We say, combine the two. The road to happiness just got a lot shorter. How about a… Continue reading April Freedom & BLTs