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September Food Fest

Not to brag, but there are over 50 selections on our Breakfast Menu. This gives you ample choice to give a different flavor and mood to each day this month as September is National Breakfast Month. If dinner is your thing, this month also celebrates Chicken and Potatoes. We recommend Chicken Franscese in honor of… Continue reading September Food Fest

Food Facts & Lore

10 Food Conversation Bites

Sometimes, all it takes to revive conversation is a little detour. That aunt, or your brother’s buddy, who always interjects random trivia actually has a good point: totally out-of-the box information surprises and awakens the mind. Indulge. Here are 10 Food-related bits of information to use any way you see fit, and especially off the… Continue reading 10 Food Conversation Bites

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This Week in Food History – 08/14/2017

Where were we? Ah yes, we started telling you about the great food articles resources we love to turn to for this Monday, Food Holidays series. The Kitchen Project is the next one we’d like to tell you about. Does the name “Alan Parsons Project” ring a bell? Stephen Block, the author of the website,… Continue reading This Week in Food History – 08/14/2017