Family time

Pizza and a Movie

Lazy mornings and lazy evenings. An entire day in your jammies. A slightly messy house that is just alright as is. Delicious, perfectly acceptable procrastination. We may spring the clock forward and make it fall back with the changing seasons, but when the Holiday Season comes around, we are perfectly entitled to a sort of… Continue reading Pizza and a Movie

Food Facts & Lore

Pizza Pizza

October is a perfect month. Why, you ask? October is National cookie month, dessert month, popcorn popping month, pasta month, country ham month and, drum roll please, National Pizza month. What’s more, if it were not for America, there might not be any tomato sauce or tomatoes on modern pizza. Portuguese and Spanish explorers brought… Continue reading Pizza Pizza

Food Facts & Lore

Bread, Sandwiches and Toast

Every nation in the world holds bread in high regards; every social rank and every meal. It has been served at royal feasts and shared around the fire by tribes, conquerors and explorers. It has been a welcome gift in the hands of the famished and a symbol of spiritual connectedness in ancient and modern… Continue reading Bread, Sandwiches and Toast