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Something to Eat

In a Star Trek Voyager episode, two members of the crew (lieutenant Tom Paris and ensign Harry Kim for Trekkies out there) are captives in an alien penal colony where the every-man-for-himself rule reigns strong. They are hungry and clinging to every shred of hope to be rescued. In an effort to support his comrade… Continue reading Something to Eat

Food & Fitness, Food Facts & Lore

Bugs, Health & Celery

March. St. Patrick’s Day. All things green, and for most of us that does not mean veggies. It means playfully green colored everything, from cupcake icing to mashed potatoes. Not to mention faces and hair too! At the time of this writing, the Coronavirus is a fact of life around the globe, national sports events… Continue reading Bugs, Health & Celery

Food Facts & Lore

100% Vermont Maple

Gift shops, drug stores and grocery stores are stocked up and ready with display upon display of sweet Easter chocolate and candy. Meanwhile, it’s sap tapping season in Vermont. Our maple syrup enjoys international acclaim, and rightly so. Only the province of Quebec produces more maple syrup than Vermont. Depending on sources, the quality is… Continue reading 100% Vermont Maple