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February, National Snack Foods Month

Upon hearing the word “snack,” we frequently imagine a favorite grab-and-go treat we can find at a glance at a local daily stop on the way to work or back home. The mind homes in on a familiar package. It knows what the body craves; hardly a conscious thought is required. The true definition of… Continue reading February, National Snack Foods Month

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Like a Box of Chocolates

“Life is like a box of chocolates,” may be America’s most famous film industry quote. And we bet we don’t even need to specify the source, do we? It is also a fitting phrase to introduce this week’s article, which happens to be like a box of chocolates too as it evolved into a tapestry… Continue reading Like a Box of Chocolates

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America’s Top 5 Comfort Foods

A simple question was the premise for this late January exploration: Do our comfort food preferences change with the seasons? This is by no means a scientific analysis. We gathered our data by reading various articles, from Reader’s Digest to foodies’ blogs to the food segment of various national newspapers, and went with a gut… Continue reading America’s Top 5 Comfort Foods