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The First Recipes

The Food Timeline is the place to be if you love food and history. We’ve mentioned this site on numerous occasions. Have you checked it out yet? We think it’s one of the best sites to browse on your lunch break. It will feed your mind and give you a fresh perspective on everyday as… Continue reading The First Recipes

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The Diner – A Christmas Story

It was a week before Christmas, maybe two. The melancholy of the season had a way of stretching its tentacles to pick at the hearts of even the most optimistic folks. The local diner was a popular spot year-round. Locals stopped by for business lunches, breakfast before work and dinner with friends and family whenever… Continue reading The Diner – A Christmas Story

Food Facts & Lore

The Crew Shares Their Top Dish Picks

Thursday. 11:30 AM. Esther just announced the switch from Breakfast Menu to Lunch Menu. It was a moderately busy morning and the dining room is filling for lunch as the last of the breakfast trays come streaming out of the kitchen, stopping just long enough for a few snapshots to replenish the image bank for… Continue reading The Crew Shares Their Top Dish Picks