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Reception Room

It may not look like it yet, but spring will be here, eventually. It’s always the same story, when you think about it. The redundant storms and ice-ups give the illusion that the hard work of winter will stretch well beyond our abilities to sustain it, until one morning a songbird diverts the eye to… Continue reading Reception Room


Valentine’s Day 2018 Gallery

Memories. We anticipate special events with the imagination as much as with our emotions; one moment feeling excited and joy filled, the next feeling irritable as we wait, and wait, and wait. You may have had a special gift to offer. It was hidden for months or days. What will be the look on her… Continue reading Valentine’s Day 2018 Gallery

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What is The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate?

February is well underway at the time of this writing, and Valentine’s Day is but a few sunrises away. It seems only fitting to focus our attention on the sweet of sweets, chocolate. Confectionery chefs strive to develop the perfect chocolate treat. In fact, chocolate is not merely a treat, it is a gastronomical oeuvre… Continue reading What is The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate?