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Wintirfyllith Food Fest

October, being the 10th month according to our modern-day calendar, should rightly be called December. Or, if we were Saxons back in the early Middle Ages, we’d find our inspiration upon observing that this time of year brings the first full moon of winter, and call this month “Wintirfyllith.” Alas, it was the 8th Month… Continue reading Wintirfyllith Food Fest

Food Facts & Lore

Pizza Pizza

October is a perfect month. Why, you ask? October is National cookie month, dessert month, popcorn popping month, pasta month, country ham month and, drum roll please, National Pizza month. What’s more, if it were not for America, there might not be any tomato sauce or tomatoes on modern pizza. Portuguese and Spanish explorers brought… Continue reading Pizza Pizza

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Pizza For Breakfast ~ Corned Beef & Cabbage Pizza

It is St. Patrick's Day. We were not going to give in to a theme, but resistance was futile the moment we laid eyes on the words, "Corned beef & cabbage pizza." Corned pork is the traditional Irish meat, not corned beef, and no one says you cannot substitute it in this recipe. Creativity is… Continue reading Pizza For Breakfast ~ Corned Beef & Cabbage Pizza