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Breakfast, from Rome to America

The Romans. It always goes back to the Romans, doesn’t it? In movies, they are depicted as gluttons. In truth, we are told by historians, they were very much concerned with proper diet and digestion and adhered to a strong belief in the one-meal-a-day philosophy. Might as well make it worthwhile. Ask anyone around you… Continue reading Breakfast, from Rome to America

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The Monday Mag – Feb 1, 2016

Our Weekly Magazine Returns - With a New Focus on Weekly Facebook Highlights In This Edition: - The Best Breakfast For Your Morning Style - Cambridge, With Flavor - And a Rave Review Too Our Favorite Quote Of The Week - “How sweet the morning air is! See how that one little cloud floats like a pink feather… Continue reading The Monday Mag – Feb 1, 2016


You Voted. We Won 2 Seven Daysies Awards!

The votes are in. It is with much gratitude that we learned we had been selected in not one, but two categories in the Seven Days's yearly Best Of Vermont Awards. BEST BREAKFAST/BRUNCH - We share the honor with Penny Cluse Café, of Burlington. BEST EGGS BENEDICT - This honor we share with Sneakers Bistro,… Continue reading You Voted. We Won 2 Seven Daysies Awards!