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Food Moods

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you’ve noticed a tradition or two by now: The Saturday morning musings and the Food Mood posts. We build a collection of snapshots throughout the week; captured dishes on the corner of the counter on their way to tables. Merely naming the dish, it seems, would not suffice.… Continue reading Food Moods

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Wintirfyllith Food Fest

October, being the 10th month according to our modern-day calendar, should rightly be called December. Or, if we were Saxons back in the early Middle Ages, we’d find our inspiration upon observing that this time of year brings the first full moon of winter, and call this month “Wintirfyllith.” Alas, it was the 8th Month… Continue reading Wintirfyllith Food Fest

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Pizza For Lunch – Turkey Chili & Crusty Wedges

That sounds like the title to a funny children's story. The key word here is "inspiration." The beauty of a plain and simple cheese pizza is that it is versatile and can inspire many creative, easy-to-prepare and hearty meals for morning, noon and night. In a previous recipe, we transformed a small cheese pizza into a… Continue reading Pizza For Lunch – Turkey Chili & Crusty Wedges