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Wintirfyllith Food Fest

October, being the 10th month according to our modern-day calendar, should rightly be called December. Or, if we were Saxons back in the early Middle Ages, we’d find our inspiration upon observing that this time of year brings the first full moon of winter, and call this month “Wintirfyllith.” Alas, it was the 8th Month… Continue reading Wintirfyllith Food Fest

Food Facts & Lore

The Crew Shares Their Top Dish Picks

Thursday. 11:30 AM. Esther just announced the switch from Breakfast Menu to Lunch Menu. It was a moderately busy morning and the dining room is filling for lunch as the last of the breakfast trays come streaming out of the kitchen, stopping just long enough for a few snapshots to replenish the image bank for… Continue reading The Crew Shares Their Top Dish Picks

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Kids Who Garden Eat More Veggies

Children who are exposed to a variety of homegrown fruits and vegetables early on rarely become picky eaters. According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, children who garden at home or school consume more fruits and vegetables than children who do not. And “Youth gardening enhances all aspects of children’s educational, social and… Continue reading Kids Who Garden Eat More Veggies