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Food Moods

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you’ve noticed a tradition or two by now: The Saturday morning musings and the Food Mood posts. We build a collection of snapshots throughout the week; captured dishes on the corner of the counter on their way to tables. Merely naming the dish, it seems, would not suffice.… Continue reading Food Moods

Food Facts & Lore

Dinner in New England, 17th Century Style

In England and much of Europe, many landowners were practiced trappers and hunters. Those who did not own land lived on vegetables, grain, eggs and milk. The wealthy considered meat to be the core of a wholesome diet. What both classes had in common, however, was their love of beer. It was the family beverage… Continue reading Dinner in New England, 17th Century Style

Food Facts & Lore

November Food Fest Feast

Ah November! The great countdown to Christmas; the anticipation of family gatherings, with a delicious first chapter at Thanksgiving. New Year resolutions approaching, but first, turkey with all the trimmings, including second servings of both the bird and desserts, without shame or guilt… maybe. Oddly enough, turkey is not featured among this month’s National Food… Continue reading November Food Fest Feast