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Eat for Spring Wellness

Of all the concerns that occupy our minds at this time of year, one stands out: Our springtime waistline. Don't know about you, but we are not much in favor of the all or nothing approach. We are a creatures of habit, and some habits provide anchor points for enjoying life to the fullest. Without… Continue reading Eat for Spring Wellness

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Kids Who Garden Eat More Veggies

Children who are exposed to a variety of homegrown fruits and vegetables early on rarely become picky eaters. According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, children who garden at home or school consume more fruits and vegetables than children who do not. And “Youth gardening enhances all aspects of children’s educational, social and… Continue reading Kids Who Garden Eat More Veggies

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14 Odd But Totally Doable Food Resolutions for 2014

Americans love eating. And why shouldn't we? If cooking is an art, than eating must be how we fully appreciate this form of expression.Imagine a sculpture you can taste or a landscape you can inhale. There is a reason we pause for a moment at the sight of a pleasantly arranged meal on a plate.… Continue reading 14 Odd But Totally Doable Food Resolutions for 2014