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The Diner – A Christmas Story

It was a week before Christmas, maybe two. The melancholy of the season had a way of stretching its tentacles to pick at the hearts of even the most optimistic folks. The local diner was a popular spot year-round. Locals stopped by for business lunches, breakfast before work and dinner with friends and family whenever… Continue reading The Diner – A Christmas Story

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JPD Now Has a Kids’ Menu!

We bet it's easy to get the kids' attention when you announce, "We're going out to eat!" Now, it's even simpler at JPD thanks to our Kids' Menu. It's available in-house or to go, for children 12 and under. Christine never stops thinking about ways to make your JPD experience enjoyable. She took note of special requests… Continue reading JPD Now Has a Kids’ Menu!

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Kids Who Garden Eat More Veggies

Children who are exposed to a variety of homegrown fruits and vegetables early on rarely become picky eaters. According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, children who garden at home or school consume more fruits and vegetables than children who do not. And “Youth gardening enhances all aspects of children’s educational, social and… Continue reading Kids Who Garden Eat More Veggies