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Turkey Trimmings

Summer went by faster than a turkey can fly (55 mph). Canada already celebrated their Thanksgiving. Halloween candies are spilling off store shelves as though pushed from beneath by zombies rising from their year-long slumber, and the price of chicken and turkey is rising as our Thanksgiving approaches, fast. Our previous Blog article explored the… Continue reading Turkey Trimmings


Thanksgiving 2014 Menu Is Here!

Once again, the 158 Main crew is pleased to welcome you to our tables for Thanksgiving, on Thursday, November 27th, from Noon to 5:00. As per our usual tradition, you may also pre-order your Thanksgiving meal to-go for pick-up on that day, during open hours. Pre-order pies and dinner rolls early. And, of course, don't… Continue reading Thanksgiving 2014 Menu Is Here!

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Thanksgiving – A Feast of Stories

The Thanksgiving Table is the centerpiece of our lives, for one day. As the bird dwells in the nest, the nest in the tree, the tree in the garden and the garden on the land, so does the Thanksgiving meal connect us to home, house, land and beyond. The feast before us is a masterpiece,… Continue reading Thanksgiving – A Feast of Stories