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10 Food Conversation Bites

Sometimes, all it takes to revive conversation is a little detour. That aunt, or your brother’s buddy, who always interjects random trivia actually has a good point: totally out-of-the box information surprises and awakens the mind. Indulge. Here are 10 Food-related bits of information to use any way you see fit, and especially off the… Continue reading 10 Food Conversation Bites

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This Week in Food History – 12/11/2017

December is Eggnog Month. In Medieval times, people of comfortable means enjoyed a beverage of hot milk curdled with wine, ale, liquor or even hard cider and flavored with spices, sugar and herbs. This was known as a “posset,” and consumed mainly for its perceived medicinal properties. The name “Eggnog” does not appear until the… Continue reading This Week in Food History – 12/11/2017