Food Facts & Lore

10 Food Conversation Bites

Sometimes, all it takes to revive conversation is a little detour. That aunt, or your brother’s buddy, who always interjects random trivia actually has a good point: totally out-of-the box information surprises and awakens the mind. Indulge. Here are 10 Food-related bits of information to use any way you see fit, and especially off the cuff when table talk has turned to a battle of perspectives and politics, frowns are forming and you begin to question your affection for the people to your right and left. They’re also great topics for your scientific-minded child to research.

  1. The word “vegetable” does not have a formal, scientific definition. Incidentally, this is why we can call Ketchup a vegetable.
  2. Don’t like broccoli? Chances are you will, eventually. Americans eat over 900% (yes, 900) more broccoli now than we did in the late 1990’s.
  3. Ripe cranberries bounce like a rubber ball.
  4. There is a specific part of the brain that detects burning toast. Look up Dr. Wilder Penfield.
  5. The M’s in M & M stand for the creators’ names, Forrest E. Mars and Bruce Murrie.
  6. Only members of the Royal Court were allowed to consume chocolate in 15th-century France.
  7. Love bacon? You and your American compatriots will eat the equivalent of 28 whole pigs in your lifetimes… And you could not resist counting the pigs in the picture, could you?!
  8. The largest animal listed on any menu worldwide is the camel; roasted, s’il-vous-plaît.
  9. The fear of cooking is a real condition. It is called Mageirocophobia.
  10. The root of the word “onion” is a Latin word meaning “large pearl.”