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Mood Affects Food. No. Wait. Food Affects Mood.

Recently, on our Facebook page, we posted a few suggestions of foods that may help reduce tax-time stress. Let's talk about food and stress for a moment. The Mayo Clinic makes the following suggestion in a May 2009 article about the connection between food and stress: "Meditation and positive imagery are tools to reduce stress.… Continue reading Mood Affects Food. No. Wait. Food Affects Mood.

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Why Do Forks Have Four Tines?

The fork's history does not begin in a dining room or kitchen; it begins in the field as an agricultural tool. It is not until sometime in the 16th century that it becomes a commonly used eating implement. You probably remember drinking off the backyard spout or hose as a child. It is a wonder… Continue reading Why Do Forks Have Four Tines?

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Random Thoughts – Jan 3, 2013

Our language is rich with meaning that stretches beyond actual words. It is colorful, poetic, filled with images and connotations that take us on an imaginary journey every time we speak and listen. Like us, words are the outer shell. There is more to them than meets the eye. Words have roots and flavor. Take… Continue reading Random Thoughts – Jan 3, 2013