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Random Thoughts – Feb 23, 2013

We are civilized and technologically advanced. "Civilized" refers to having a highly developed society and culture showing evidence of moral and intellectual advancement. A civilized culture is one that shows refinement in taste and manners. We hold our forks and knives just so, wipe the corner of our mouths as daintily as possible with our… Continue reading Random Thoughts – Feb 23, 2013

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Why Do Forks Have Four Tines?

The fork's history does not begin in a dining room or kitchen; it begins in the field as an agricultural tool. It is not until sometime in the 16th century that it becomes a commonly used eating implement. You probably remember drinking off the backyard spout or hose as a child. It is a wonder… Continue reading Why Do Forks Have Four Tines?

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Fricassee of Words – He Was Born With a Silver Spoon in His Mouth!

Fricassee: Meat cut into pieces and stewed in gravy. Fricassee of Words: Musings on food-inspired expressions, words and word play, with occasional bits and pieces of kitchen jargon too. Don't stir the pot, go fry an egg, two eggs in a basket are better than one hen in the bush... you get the picture by… Continue reading Fricassee of Words – He Was Born With a Silver Spoon in His Mouth!