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Thanksgiving – A Feast of Stories

The Thanksgiving Table is the centerpiece of our lives, for one day. As the bird dwells in the nest, the nest in the tree, the tree in the garden and the garden on the land, so does the Thanksgiving meal connect us to home, house, land and beyond. The feast before us is a masterpiece,… Continue reading Thanksgiving – A Feast of Stories

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Garçon! What Wine Goes Well With This Turkey?

Choosing a single wine for Thanksgiving dinner is difficult, given the great variety of foods and flavors, but this is precisely where to look for clues: flavors. Consider the flavors you might expect from the dishes you selected off the menu and also consider your own taste and inclinations at the moment. Let's say you… Continue reading Garçon! What Wine Goes Well With This Turkey?

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Of Traditional Meals & Beliefs About Food

We are about to partake of one of the most honored traditional meals in America. This brings to mind countless thoughts about dining, table manners and food-related beliefs. Because food is so closely related to human relations and traditions, it makes perfect sense that it would also inspire beliefs, even superstitions. Food beliefs are not… Continue reading Of Traditional Meals & Beliefs About Food