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Thanksgiving 2017 at 158 Main

Summer 2017 dragged well into Fall. The nontraditional hot Autumn days were welcome by many. We served Brunch and Lunch outside for many more days than usual, for one thing. But Fall is a New England tradition, and so it pushes its way through, as though every tree and mountain insisted on showing off the… Continue reading Thanksgiving 2017 at 158 Main

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Garçon! What Wine Goes Well With This Turkey?

Choosing a single wine for Thanksgiving dinner is difficult, given the great variety of foods and flavors, but this is precisely where to look for clues: flavors. Consider the flavors you might expect from the dishes you selected off the menu and also consider your own taste and inclinations at the moment. Let's say you… Continue reading Garçon! What Wine Goes Well With This Turkey?