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The original Roman calendar measured the year in 10 months, beginning with March and ending with December. Around 700 BC, two additional months were added by decree of King Numa Pompilius: Januarius and Februarius. As with the other months on the existing calendar, he sought inspiration from the higher powers of his time to name… Continue reading NEW YEAR’S EVE MENU – 2016

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Ski Town Après Ski

We are proud to be featured in the newest publication of the highly acclaimed "Ski Town" series by author Jennie Iverson. You may recall our 2012 contribution to Ski Town Soups, the 158 Main Seafood Chowder. Ski Town Après Ski, a stunning compilation of Appetizing Plates and Handcrafted Cocktails From World Class Ski Resorts, includes… Continue reading Ski Town Après Ski