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Earth Sandwiches and The Upper Crust

It was Saturday morning when the idea to make bread the focus of our next article came to mind. It did not take a major strike of genius to arrive at this conclusion, mind you. What it took, instead, was a sudden craving for French Toast. Saturday is often a work day here at the… Continue reading Earth Sandwiches and The Upper Crust

Food Facts & Lore

Bread, Sandwiches and Toast

Every nation in the world holds bread in high regards; every social rank and every meal. It has been served at royal feasts and shared around the fire by tribes, conquerors and explorers. It has been a welcome gift in the hands of the famished and a symbol of spiritual connectedness in ancient and modern… Continue reading Bread, Sandwiches and Toast

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The Monday Mag – Mar 30, 2015

In This Edition Of Our New Weekly Magazine: - Thank Sigmund Freud's Nephew For Bacon - Did You Know You Can Put This On Your Face? - How Bread Changes Everything Our Favorite Quote Of The Week - "Language is the means of getting an idea from my brain into yours without surgery." - Mark Amidon… Continue reading The Monday Mag – Mar 30, 2015