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The Monday Mag – Mar 30, 2015

In This Edition Of Our New Weekly Magazine:

– Thank Sigmund Freud’s Nephew For Bacon
– Did You Know You Can Put This On Your Face?
– How Bread Changes Everything

Our Favorite Quote Of The Week – “Language is the means of getting an idea from my brain into yours without surgery.” – Mark Amidon


158 - freud 2

Thank Sigmund Freud’s Nephew For Bacon – Modern food marketing evolved by leaps and bounds from the 1920’s forward when Edward Barneys, also known as the Grandfather of public relations, surveyed physicians regarding the importance of a hardy breakfast. He joined forces with pork producers and published a study to support the claim, highlighting bacon as a sound choice for a proper first meal of the day. Sales soared instantly. Thus we owe the popularity of the iconic breakfast meat to the nephew of the iconic Freud, who said, “There are no mistakes.”

158 - face 2

Did You Know You Can Put This On Your Face? – While we’re concerned with small body defects and signs of aging, our focus on these often robs us of moments in time; enjoying a good meal and good company, for example. We use products that are supposed to remove defects, yet this can be a chore more than pampering. Forget the puffy eyes and wrinkles. Just mash a ripe banana into a soft puree. Apply this to your face, sit back just for the sake of claiming a refreshing moment. The sweet smell is utterly uplifting, the mask is refreshing and you cannot help but smile at the notion of having banana on your face. Defects be damned.

158 - bread 2

How Bread Changes Everything – When we hear the words “settle down,” someone is probably trying to suggest it is time to find a life partner and to, well, get a life. In truth, we as a race settled down thousands of years ago and the reason was not marriage or a lifelong position in a Fortune 500 company. We settled down from the hunter-gatherer life the moment agriculture was born. The first crops brought wheat and other grains to our tables. Then bread. Of course, now the question is: what came first? The loaf of bread or the table? Interestingly, up until very recently, the kitchen table was the hub of the settled down life.

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