Valentine’s Day 2018 Gallery

Memories. We anticipate special events with the imagination as much as with our emotions; one moment feeling excited and joy filled, the next feeling irritable as we wait, and wait, and wait.

You may have had a special gift to offer. It was hidden for months or days. What will be the look on her face? What will he say? Valentine’s Day, of all celebrations, is perhaps the one that tests our confidence the most, because of the underlying message or commitment. The Valentine’s Day dinner is more than just a tradition, and more than a commercial construct. It is a gathering place and there is ancient wisdom in that. What is left after the anticipation and the gathering, after the sharing of ideas and dreams and laughter, and the filling of the belly? Memories. And that is the sweetest thing to share.

Thank you for joining us again this year and for filling the 158 Main Dining Room with your radiant smiles, the sound of your voices and hopes and your trust in that mysterious thing called love.

What is left… a rose… and the rose knows.