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Random Thoughts – 9/30/13

Choice is defined as the power, right, or liberty to choose. It is defined, also, as the best or most preferable part. This is choice as a name. As an adjective, it takes on new color, much like colors emerge, one by one, as the chef layers toppings on virgin dough. Choice, the adjective, means… Continue reading Random Thoughts – 9/30/13

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Can You Eat Pizza if You’re a Health Nut?

First, we assure you that we do not mean anything disparaging when we say "health nut." We live in an area where deep concern for one's health and well-being is the norm. In fact, we are quite certain that people are drawn to Vermont, and perhaps specifically to this particular area, for this very reason.… Continue reading Can You Eat Pizza if You’re a Health Nut?