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Random Thoughts – 9/30/13

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Choice is defined as the power, right, or liberty to choose. It is defined, also, as the best or most preferable part. This is choice as a name. As an adjective, it takes on new color, much like colors emerge, one by one, as the chef layers toppings on virgin dough. Choice, the adjective, means of very fine quality, appealing to refined taste or selected with care. Choosing is an act of refinement. In the moment of decision, it is our perspective that we refine, our perception also. Choosing, especially choosing a meal, brings the senses to the forefront of our thoughts. It is a creative act and a transforming one as well. We draw the mind away from the concerns of the day and refine its course toward the narrow path of sensation. it is narrow in focus, but in truth it is as expansive as crops spreading toward the horizon. Choosing changes our minds, because it demands new focus. Perhaps we should never urge people to make up their minds, or at least we should not rush anyone to do so, for there is pure delight in the process of imagining each choice in turn, each flavor, color, experience and outcome. Choice always draws us out of the box.

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