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Can You Eat Pizza if You’re a Health Nut?

First, we assure you that we do not mean anything disparaging when we say “health nut.” We live in an area where deep concern for one’s health and well-being is the norm. In fact, we are quite certain that people are drawn to Vermont, and perhaps specifically to this particular area, for this very reason. Now, then, can we reconcile our focus on well-being with our food choices? We think so.

Not all foods are created equal. Likewise, not all pizzas are created equal. There is little need to expand much on this notion; you know the difference between a fresh baked pizza and the ones you slip out of a box from the grocery store. This has its place, of course, as our schedule and mood changes, put it provides a completely different experience.

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It is said that pizza is an experience; not just a food. No argument here. The experience begins in the mind, when you have the initial thought: “Let’s order pizza!”

Your brain has diligently recorded the aroma, the texture, the satisfaction and comfort of the hundreds of pizza slices you have eaten to date. If it is a Mediterranean that sparked your senses the most, then you remember the taste of chicken, spinach, eggplant, olives, Mozzarella and Feta against the aromatic crust. Those who favor a more traditional pizza might immediately conjure up the sweet, satisfying taste of pepperoni, bacon, sausage and meatball of a Meat Lovers pizza.

In any case, you are experiencing that pizza even as you reach for your phone to order it. You know what this means of course… there is no turning back. At this point, the experience becomes pure anticipation, capable of overcoming even the darkest challenges of the day. In fact, this new mood can help you face challenges with more gusto and clarity.

This, surely, is a healthy predisposition.

Pizza involves all the senses. This is why eating it with knife and fork is out of the question. Pizza is for freedom from constraints, another healthy state of mind we often set aside when we lose ourselves in the business of the day. Pizza helps us lose ourselves in the moment instead. Ever noticed how an office pizza party lightens the mood? There you go.

Pizza may be the most versatile food. Even if you like a lot of meat on yours, you have a choice. Add a vegetable and voilà! Balanced meal. In short, the trick is to choose smart toppings. Take advantage of the available selection of toppings wherever you order your pizza from. Spinach, olives, green peppers and onions add flavor and nutritional value.

Pizza is interestingly versatile for another reason: it is pre-portioned food. You decide how many portions, or slices, you can handle. It is an energy and mood booster that is unequaled by any cake or other sweet treat. Yes, it offers a high amount of calories, but consider the ingredients. These are calories that will keep you energized for hours or restore you after an exhilarating day on the slopes at Smugglers Notch, a snowmobile ride at the Sterling Ridge Resort or any of the great outdoor activities available to us right at our doorstep here in the Cambridge/Jeffersonville area.

Lastly, pizza is for sharing. It provides an opportunity to get together and unwind with a few friends.  This special connection we share with others, even over sometimes trivial, silly conversation (especially then) is in itself a health booster no bottled vitamin can ever procure. Raise a slice and toast to good health.

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