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Ski Town Après Ski

158 - apres ski book 2

We are proud to be featured in the newest publication of the highly acclaimed “Ski Town” series by author Jennie Iverson. You may recall our 2012 contribution to Ski Town Soups, the 158 Main Seafood Chowder.

Ski Town Après Ski, a stunning compilation of Appetizing Plates and Handcrafted Cocktails From World Class Ski Resorts, includes a stop at 158 Main as we reveal our famous Tuna Nachos Recipe. The entry is elegantly displayed on a two-page spread.

Again, we are reminded of the importance of attention to detail, and constant gratitude, when it comes to preparing food for such an extended family as we encounter in a restaurant setting and resort town. These, along with taste, are the ingredients that truly influence our guests’ experience.

We must serve great food, but we must also prepare it and serve it with heart. People return to the same place year after year, even generation after generation, when they truly feel pampered and valued. In essence, when they feel at home. Food is an inevitable and irresistible aspect of traveling through life.

Author Jennie Iverson, who adores winter by the way, published Ski Town Soups and Ski Town Après Ski as a result of a journey that would take her across the country and around the world, from slope-side Inn to slope-side town and back again. It is a great honor to be included in this creatively delicious endeavor.

Click on the books to learn more and to order. Both are truly elegant hard covers. (Note: 158 Main is not affiliated with Amazon.com. Links are provided for your convenience).

158 - ski town apres ski
158 - ski town soups

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