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The Monday Mag – Apr 6, 2015

In This Edition Of Our New Weekly Magazine:

– Tasty, Healthy Snack With Leftover Easter Ham
– Easter By The Numbers
– On To Other Topics… Table Manners For The Worldly

Our Favorite Quote Of The Week – “I’m proud to pay taxes in the United States; the only thing is, I could be just as proud for half the money.” – Arthur Godfrey.

158 - quesadilla

Tasty, Healthy Snack With Leftover Easter Ham – Why not. A good afternoon or after-work snack demands simplicity. This is quick and healthy. We call it the Quesadi-ham. Alright, so that’s not very original, but it sure is tasty. Turn on the broiler. Roughly cube as much ham as you feel you’d like to fit on half a 10-inch flour tortilla. Sliced is fine too. Thinly slice an apple. A tart one is especially good in this case. Alternate layers of shredded Cheddar, ham and apple on half of a tortilla, finishing with Cheddar. Fold the other half over. Broil until cheese melts. About 3 minutes on each side. Cut in wedges and serve with a side of sweet fruit, such as berries or cantaloupe. You know what else is good with this? Try dipping it in sweet chutney!

158 - peeps

Easter By The Numbers – Americans celebrating Easter spend over $5 billion on food, in addition to candy. 65% of adults prefer milk chocolate. Only 4% of people begin with the tail when eating a chocolate bunny. 5% start by nibbling on the bunny’s toes. 76% go straight for the ears. 16 billion. That’s how many extra jelly beans are made especially for the Easter season. Imagine a building the shape of a plastic egg. It would have to be 9 floors high to contain all of those jelly beans. Finally, let’s not forget the peeps. They are by far the most popular non-chocolate Easter treat. We purchase over 700 million for the occasion.

158 - manners

On To Another Topic… Table Manners For The Worldly – Perhaps you are planning a trip this summer. Perhaps you travel best in your imagination. In any case, after this long, never-ending winter, we thought we’d visit a few foreign table manners. Did You Know? In England, it is appropriate to eat a banana with a knife and fork since the late 19th century, when bananas were considered an exotic delicacy. In Mexico, arriving late to a dinner party is fashionable. Arriving on time is inappropriate. In Japan, you better slurp that udon noodle soup. This is the proper way to appreciate its full flavor. Salting your food in Egypt is an insult to the chef. Finally, and you’ll love this one, in Italy pasta is the only dish you can begin eating as soon as it is served, even if others around the table are still waiting for their food to arrive.

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