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Random Thoughts – Feb 23, 2013

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We are civilized and technologically advanced. “Civilized” refers to having a highly developed society and culture showing evidence of moral and intellectual advancement. A civilized culture is one that shows refinement in taste and manners. We hold our forks and knives just so, wipe the corner of our mouths as daintily as possible with our white napkins (why do they have to be white?) when eating in good company and try to not talk with our mouths full. Yet we cannot resist finger foods. Is it possible that “refinement” holds us back from deeply grasping the moment? Do we hold back too much? Maybe colorful, hearty wraps and sandwiches exist so that we can seize the moment. Since they are acceptable finger foods, so is our digging in with both hands and yes, saying a few words while chewing, made acceptable, even enjoyable; which it should be. Sandwiches are an act of freedom. Be free.

Live Well ~ Eat Well

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