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Looking Back at 5 Favorites

The 158 Main Blog is now 375 articles thick. It would seem that even at the pace of a single article per week, we’d run out of steam, or ideas, but that is far from the truth. This is a bottomless stew. Thank you so much for reading us. Keeping this project alive is a… Continue reading Looking Back at 5 Favorites

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Eating with Your Hands is Good for You

It is commonly agreed, even among the most illustrious historians, that the Greeks and Egyptians of antiquity were highly civilized. Yet, they ate with their hands. Turns out they were highly attuned to the body and we owe them our deepest philosophies of the pleasures of the table. The great civilizations of Antiquity were deeply… Continue reading Eating with Your Hands is Good for You

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Random Thoughts – Feb 23, 2013

We are civilized and technologically advanced. "Civilized" refers to having a highly developed society and culture showing evidence of moral and intellectual advancement. A civilized culture is one that shows refinement in taste and manners. We hold our forks and knives just so, wipe the corner of our mouths as daintily as possible with our… Continue reading Random Thoughts – Feb 23, 2013