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The Monday Mag – May 9, 2016

In This Edition Of Our Weekly Magazine:

  • Feeling The Blues? Hit The Greens
  • Radium Water Anyone? We Think Not

Our Favorite Quote Of The Week ~ “If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.” – J.M. Power

Feeling The Blues? Hit The Greens ~ Chocolate, cookies, chips and ice cream may be first on our mind when you feel depressed, but here are two reasons you should aim for the big salad instead, and no, we’re not even going to mention guilt and calories: 1) While sweets make our eyes as big as 1/2 dollars (anyone remember those?), the color spectrum they offer to the eyes is exactly the spectrum you want to avoid when feeling down. The vibrant colors of a mixed salad actually awaken those sluggish happy hormones. 2) No one in their right minds would make a dish of ice cream as deep and wide as the kitchen sink, but with salad you can create an abundantly garnished plate that won’t sink you down. Again, you’re going for the visual effect, namely, abundance. Depression is associated with feelings of lack. Show your brain a colorful, mouth-watering proof of abundance. Happy hormones coming right up! –

radio active water

Radium Water Anyone? We Think Not ~ The spectrum of our beliefs about the foods and beverages we ingest is unimaginably wide. We look back at things we, our parents or grandparents consumed with abandon (and a mix of hope and ignorance) and our jaws drop. One outstanding example concerns water, of all things. Radio-active sources were uncovered in the early 1900’s, promptly bottled and commercialized with accompanying claims of attractive health benefits. Until… a certain industrialist by the name of Eben Byers passed away following his self-prescribed 3 bottles a day. A 1932 Wall Street Journal read, “The Radium Water Worked Fine Until His Jaw Came Off”.


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