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Turkey Trimmings

Summer went by faster than a turkey can fly (55 mph). Canada already celebrated their Thanksgiving. Halloween candies are spilling off store shelves as though pushed from beneath by zombies rising from their year-long slumber, and the price of chicken and turkey is rising as our Thanksgiving approaches, fast. Our previous Blog article explored the… Continue reading Turkey Trimmings

Food Facts & Lore

A Short and Sweet History of Candy

October in the North Country. What comes to mind? Crisp autumn walks, majestically colorful trees that turn even long-time natives into photo-snapping tourists (and there is nothing wrong with that), pumpkin fields, favorite sweaters and the irresistible urge to sample Halloween candy as soon as it appears on store shelves. Did you know that the… Continue reading A Short and Sweet History of Candy

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5 Homemade Halloween Cookies for Little Monsters

Do you give out candy on Halloween? Many people struggle with this nowadays, but most agree that the once-a-year candy rush is well worth the joy the playful extravaganza brings to their children, teens included. But there is another aspect to Halloween many families embrace more and more every year and that is creating homemade… Continue reading 5 Homemade Halloween Cookies for Little Monsters