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5 Homemade Halloween Cookies for Little Monsters

Do you give out candy on Halloween? Many people struggle with this nowadays, but most agree that the once-a-year candy rush is well worth the joy the playful extravaganza brings to their children, teens included. But there is another aspect to Halloween many families embrace more and more every year and that is creating homemade… Continue reading 5 Homemade Halloween Cookies for Little Monsters

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Pepōn, Pumpion, Pumpkins

The summer of 2018 may be remembered as the summer that never ended, except that it did. Temperatures soared here in Vermont and we thought we’d be wearing shorts and tank tops through October. And yet, nature follows its own mysterious schedule and manages to line things up just as they should be, it seems.… Continue reading Pepōn, Pumpion, Pumpkins