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July Food Fest

Ever had Bison for dinner? Our American Buffalo (it’s correct name on this continent) is such a poignant sight on the prairie that it is difficult for most people to imagine ever having it served on a plate. July is National Bison Month and we can be satisfied with simply contemplating the iconic beast, and… Continue reading July Food Fest

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A 4th of July Feast

If you’re thinking Hot Dogs at the town fair, you’re not alone. We Americans consume nearly 160 million hot dogs on the 4th of July. In fact, it out-numbers all other favorite July 4th foods. Nevertheless, the hot dog is not the main course in all states of the union when we celebrate Independence day.… Continue reading A 4th of July Feast

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3 Refreshing Ways to Serve Watermelon

The watermelon is worth its weight in goodness. It is certainly an iconic fruit here in the United State, right up there with hot dogs and Creemees when the summer months knock at the door and flood through the windows. Even the Egyptians, 5,000 years ago, thought highly of this aromatic fruit, so much so… Continue reading 3 Refreshing Ways to Serve Watermelon