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A Few Colorful Food Laws

Margarine arrived on American tables in the 1870’s. Natural butter had been a well-established tradition for centuries; and it was a chief ingredient in the economic success of farmers. It was also more expensive than margarine, meaning that the “make-believe” spread soon became a favorite staple in most households. Word soon spread among farmers (pardon… Continue reading A Few Colorful Food Laws

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3 Refreshing Ways to Serve Watermelon

The watermelon is worth its weight in goodness. It is certainly an iconic fruit here in the United State, right up there with hot dogs and Creemees when the summer months knock at the door and flood through the windows. Even the Egyptians, 5,000 years ago, thought highly of this aromatic fruit, so much so… Continue reading 3 Refreshing Ways to Serve Watermelon

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The Monday Mag – June 1, 2015

In This Edition Of Our Weekly Magazine: - Wait! Wait! Don't Compost That Yet! - Birds Begging At The Table - Eat Your Way To Better Dreams Our Favorite Quote Of The Week - "An egg is a chemical process, but it is not a mere chemical process. It is one that is going places -… Continue reading The Monday Mag – June 1, 2015