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A Few Colorful Food Laws

Margarine arrived on American tables in the 1870’s. Natural butter had been a well-established tradition for centuries; and it was a chief ingredient in the economic success of farmers. It was also more expensive than margarine, meaning that the “make-believe” spread soon became a favorite staple in most households. Word soon spread among farmers (pardon… Continue reading A Few Colorful Food Laws

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Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia AKA Brain Freeze

You know you’ve done it. Perhaps you still do. We’re talking about getting a good ice cream brain freeze, on purpose. You just can’t help yourself, or at least as a kid it was a silly summer dare you could not resist. Whhhhoooooaaaaa! That felt good! Oddly enough. And you giggled and enjoyed a delicious… Continue reading Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia AKA Brain Freeze

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This Week in Food History – 07/10/2017

Where were we? Ah yes, as we’ve already discussed, July is National Hot Dog Month. It is also National Ice Cream Month. The inspiration for Ice Cream consisted in wine-based, not milk, chilled desserts only the wealthy could enjoy. A fruit-based frozen dessert known as “sorbet” was served in 16th and 17th century France and… Continue reading This Week in Food History – 07/10/2017