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Sweet December

There are more sweet dishes in December than in any other month, as it should be. Here in the northern hemisphere, we have a natural tendency to crave copious meals at this time, and sweeter too. It’s a matter of survival, though in these modern times we know enough about nutrition to understand that restraint… Continue reading Sweet December

Food Facts & Lore

10 Foods New England Does Best

Every state and every region has its own signature foods. Everyone has a favorite, stop-by-on-the-way-home diner, because they just serve the best Clam Chowder or Apple Pie. History reveals much about a country and its mosaic of characters and traditions; food is the sensory expression of each region. It is seasoned by history, necessity, resourcefulness… Continue reading 10 Foods New England Does Best

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This Week in Food History – 11/27/2017

We’re right on the fence between November and December, the last month in our year-long review of Food History Facts. In truth, we barely skimmed the surface, so there is plenty of material left for a new series of flavor-filled articles in January. December is the immediate focus for now. You will hardly be surprised… Continue reading This Week in Food History – 11/27/2017