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Sweet December

There are more sweet dishes in December than in any other month, as it should be. Here in the northern hemisphere, we have a natural tendency to crave copious meals at this time, and sweeter too. It’s a matter of survival, though in these modern times we know enough about nutrition to understand that restraint… Continue reading Sweet December

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May Food Fest

May is National Asparagus Month, among other things. We can almost hear some of the thoughts arising upon reading that first sentence. A little voice inside made itself known with a pressing observation along these lines: “It’s the ‘among other things’ I’d rather hear about and please carry on!” We think they look smashing with… Continue reading May Food Fest

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This Week in Food History – 12/18/2017

December began with National Pie Day and, fittingly so, will conclude with Champagne. More about this on the 31st. By the end of the month, we will have celebrated 16 desserts, treats and candies. This comes as no surprise as we have well established by now that the National Food Holidays calendar is obviously heavy… Continue reading This Week in Food History – 12/18/2017