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Sweet December

There are more sweet dishes in December than in any other month, as it should be. Here in the northern hemisphere, we have a natural tendency to crave copious meals at this time, and sweeter too. It’s a matter of survival, though in these modern times we know enough about nutrition to understand that restraint is of the essence; but so is pleasure.

December is National Fruit Cake Month. In this case, restraint is not even an issue for most. The precursor to the fruit cake was a nutritious fruit, seeds and honey bar enjoyed by explorers on long journeys. Now, we enjoy a wide array of sweets merely for the sake of the experience, not as a necessity. And that right there is the very root of pleasure. Speaking of pleasure, December is National Eggnog Month too. National Eggnog Day is on the 24th, appropriately so.

A few oddities are worthy of mention. Take December 6, for example. That is National Microwave Day. Not very appetizing, unless you plan on warming up a leftover slice from National Apple Pie Day, on December 3rd. Then there’s National Cotton Candy Day on December 7th, which seems out of place and more suitable for a hot summer month.

December 11 is National Noodle Ring Day. An unexpected change from the Holiday menu. Some recipes include brown sugar, chopped nuts and raisins, adding texture and sweetness reminiscent of the fruit cake. Could the noodle ring be a disguised variation? In any case, it makes an excellent second-day or midnight snack and gets points for that.

December 13 is Ice Cream & Violins Day. British electric violinist Ben Lee broke a Guinness World Record on this day in 2010 (or 2014?) when he displayed his ability to play 15 notes per second. He performed Flight of the Bumble Bee on that occasion; in case you were wondering. The association with ice cream is not clear. Make it an invitation to listen to classical music while indulging in pie à la mode.

Saturday, December 21st, is National Hamburger Day. We recommend the 158 Burger, with bacon and Cheddar. We’ll be serving Brunch on that day. That classic burger is first in the menu’s Sandwiches section.

December 30th is also known as National Bicarbonate of Soda Day; an invitation to bake, clearly. But if you are too busy for such an involved endeavor, note that 158 Main will be serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on that Monday. Buy a fresh loaf while you’re here and give it away. It is always an appreciated gift.

Wishing you a sweet December 2019.

December 1: National Pie Day

December 2: National Fritters Day

December 3: National Apple Pie Day

December 4: National Cookie Day

December 5: National Sacher Torte Day

December 6: National Microwave Oven Day

December 7: National Cotton Candy Day

December 8: National Chocolate Brownie Day

December 9: National Pastry Day

December 10: National Lager Day

December 11: National Noodle Ring Day

December 12: National Cocoa Day

December 13: Ice Cream & Violins Day

December 14: National Bouillabaisse Day

December 15: National Cupcake Day

December 16: National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day

December 17: National Maple Syrup Day

December 18: National Roast Suckling Pig Day

December 19: National Hard Candy Day

December 20: National Fried Shrimp Day

December 21: National Hamburger Day

December 22: National Date Nut Bread Day

December 23: National Pfeffernuesse Day

December 24: National Eggnog Day

December 25: National Pumpkin Pie Day

December 26: National Candy Cane Day

December 27: National Fruit Cake Day

December 28: National Chocolate Candy Day

December 29: National Pepper Pot Day

December 30: National Bicarbonate of Soda Day

December 31: National Champagne Day