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Something to Eat

In a Star Trek Voyager episode, two members of the crew (lieutenant Tom Paris and ensign Harry Kim for Trekkies out there) are captives in an alien penal colony where the every-man-for-himself rule reigns strong. They are hungry and clinging to every shred of hope to be rescued. In an effort to support his comrade… Continue reading Something to Eat

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Food Facts for a Snowy Day

We wrote this on Friday. The snow fell steadily, and news of an impending storm-of-storms piled up in social feeds as fast as the flakes that had already moved over the region more than 24 hours ahead of schedule. It was one of those winter days when everything turns to calm outside and the mood… Continue reading Food Facts for a Snowy Day

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The Monday Mag – Nov 7, 2016

In This Edition Of Our Somewhat Weekly Magazine: Daylight Feeding Time Food Fancies of Presidential Proportions... That's a Mouthful!! The Varnum Food Fare Our Favorite Quote Of The Week ~ ""May our feast days be many and our fast days be few." - Mary L. Booth Daylight Feeding Time ~ While it is true that we gain… Continue reading The Monday Mag – Nov 7, 2016