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Transcendental Gastronomy

Funny how things happen. A very busy writing desk in recent days led to a full plate of catching up and to the realization, after staring at a blank page all day, that a fried brain could no longer produce much of a feast of words. But there was the matter of our traditional Monday… Continue reading Transcendental Gastronomy

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Breakfast, from Rome to America

The Romans. It always goes back to the Romans, doesn’t it? In movies, they are depicted as gluttons. In truth, we are told by historians, they were very much concerned with proper diet and digestion and adhered to a strong belief in the one-meal-a-day philosophy. Might as well make it worthwhile. Ask anyone around you… Continue reading Breakfast, from Rome to America

Food Facts & Lore

August Food Fest

August 3 is National Grab Some Nuts day. Slip this in your conversations around the Barbecue. That friend of yours who has a knack for ad lib stand-up comedy is certain to take you for a good round of laughs with this one. Besides that, August is rather well-fitted in terms of summer food highlights,… Continue reading August Food Fest