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2019 Review

52 weeks gone by and almost as many Blog articles. Some weeks, inspiration strikes effortlessly, and the Monday morning article seems to write itself. At other times, it feels like a bit more of a challenge, but researching topics is always a blast. Any historically inclined article and the Fricassée of Words are personal favorits… Continue reading 2019 Review

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Cookies Cookies Cookies

For this week’s article, we thought we’d look up interesting statistics about Christmas treats, such as how much money we Americans spend on Holiday candy, or how many pounds of pie and cookies we eat during this season of giving and receiving and partying. The numbers were interesting for sure, but what stood out in… Continue reading Cookies Cookies Cookies

Food Facts & Lore

The Yule Log, from Hearth to Table

Necessity is the mother of invention. This saying, believe it or not, quite accurately underlies the evolution of the Yule Log. You see, it was originally an actual log. Society changed, cities were built, dwellings changed and so did the traditional Yule Log. It was a practical change at first, and then a tasty variation.… Continue reading The Yule Log, from Hearth to Table