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200 Years A-Feasting

While American men and women are busy rounding up the ingredients for their Holiday menu and chopping and mincing and baking and wrapping and planning who will sit where and how to accommodate special tastes, and oscillating between the pure joy of it all and fleeting moments of doubt… we decided to nibble on a… Continue reading 200 Years A-Feasting

Food Facts & Lore

A Brief History of Tourtière

Tourtière – A mixture of cubed meat, onions, potatoes and seasonings baked in a pastry-lined casserole or dish and topped with a layer of pastry. A Tourtière is generally large enough to yield several portions and the crust is eaten along with its contents. Mincemeat Pie – A mixture of chopped nuts, dried fruit, apples,… Continue reading A Brief History of Tourtière

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The Diner – A Christmas Story

It was a week before Christmas, maybe two. The melancholy of the season had a way of stretching its tentacles to pick at the hearts of even the most optimistic folks. The local diner was a popular spot year-round. Locals stopped by for business lunches, breakfast before work and dinner with friends and family whenever… Continue reading The Diner – A Christmas Story