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A Few Colorful Food Laws

Margarine arrived on American tables in the 1870’s. Natural butter had been a well-established tradition for centuries; and it was a chief ingredient in the economic success of farmers. It was also more expensive than margarine, meaning that the “make-believe” spread soon became a favorite staple in most households. Word soon spread among farmers (pardon… Continue reading A Few Colorful Food Laws

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Reception Room

It may not look like it yet, but spring will be here, eventually. It’s always the same story, when you think about it. The redundant storms and ice-ups give the illusion that the hard work of winter will stretch well beyond our abilities to sustain it, until one morning a songbird diverts the eye to… Continue reading Reception Room

Food Facts & Lore

February Food Fare

What happens to daily food holidays on a month that fluctuates between 28 and 29 days? Since there’s no room for the 29th this year, Surf & Turf is left out. But we do get a consolation prize. February 28 is National Chocolate Soufflé Day. This raises another important question: shouldn’t we celebrate such a… Continue reading February Food Fare