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Pizza For Breakfast

Leftovers, by definition, should be simple. After all, the common expression used by frugal cooks goes “Cook once, eat twice.” Not the other way around. Can you imagine? We love leftovers for the same reason we love to eat out: Carefree satisfaction.

Let’s consider pizza, for example. As tempting as it is to empty the entire box at once, the prospect of a snack or breakfast of cold pizza remains quite appealing. And cold pizza for lunch, now that’s a lot more exciting than the 1/2 sandwich and carrot sticks we put in the paper bag! In addition to this, leftover pizza saves energy, money and time and it reduces waste. Furthermore, if you are someone who makes it a habit of saving food for later, leftovers in your freezer act like ice packs and contributes to higher cooling efficiency.

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An article about food consumption (September 2011) on Blog titled Len Penzo Dot Com, begins with these words: “Culinary Odds & Ends: How Eating Leftovers Saves Me $1400 Annually.” The author notes that his teenage son makes it rather difficult to keep the fridge stocked. By eating leftovers, the author and his family were able to secure an extra meal every week as well as five to six breakfasts and lunches for their famished (just kidding) son, who incidentally thought it was pretty cool.

Restaurant portion sizes are often quite generous (there’s good value right there). This provides a clue to answer the question, “Why do we love leftovers? Set aside all other considerations such as frugal living, waste reduction and time-saving and let us present a theory: We love leftovers because we need a sense of abundance. Leftovers send a clear and tasty message to our voracious instinct. They signal, “There is enough. In fact, there is more than enough. Feast, my friend, feast again and again!”

Turns out we are not the only ones who love leftovers. Micro-organisms know what’s good for them too. Yes, even creatures with microscopic brains, or hardly any brain at all, know a good next-day meal when they see one. They’ll beat you to the spoils every time if you do not take simple precautions. Quick guidelines can save the day. As a rule, store leftovers in the fridge within 2 hours after the original meal is served.

Finally, we hereby declare pizza to be the perfect leftover food. It provides the right components for a hearty meal consisting of vegetables, protein, fiber and grain without dirtying any dishes. We dare say pizza is perfect food, now, tomorrow and ever after. Ever tried a morning slice with a sunny-side-up egg on it? Wow!

Explore the 158 Main and Jeffersonville Pizza Department Menus for dishes that make perfect next-day meals now and tomorrow.

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