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Random Thoughts – 6/1/13

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We show up for work each day either with a sense of grace or a sense of burden. When work becomes a chore, we conclude that it is no longer the right work. Often, this is correct. It takes courage to move on from the routines that make up the hours of our days. At other times, we experience a sort of grace in the moment even in the face of a long, tiresome day. This is baffling at first. We cannot quite explain it, though we surely savor the moment. Some will say it is a matter of attitude, and at times it is. Perhaps often. Eventually, we come to realize that if we were asked to define how that one moment felt, we’d say: “I felt on purpose. I felt like what I was doing mattered.” No one wants to be a servant in the sense the term was used in centuries past. What we do want, instinctively, is to be of service. There is a huge difference. Doing for others. Brightening a glimpse of a moment in their day with a smile or gesture. Being a part of something meaningful. Watching those we encounter relax and smile because of this small thing we have done for them. This is a graceful thing.

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