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Cucumber, Cowcumber, Coocumber

Many of the names we use for things were inspired by simple, usually ancient observation. From our 21st-century point of view, these observations seem at times a bit far-fetched. Or at least it would be difficult to make an accurate guess. Take the carrot, for example. We easily assume that its name comes from an… Continue reading Cucumber, Cowcumber, Coocumber

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Food Facts for a Snowy Day

We wrote this on Friday. The snow fell steadily, and news of an impending storm-of-storms piled up in social feeds as fast as the flakes that had already moved over the region more than 24 hours ahead of schedule. It was one of those winter days when everything turns to calm outside and the mood… Continue reading Food Facts for a Snowy Day

Food Facts & Lore

6 Foods That Fight or Soothe Sunburn

We all know that most fair-skinned individuals experience sunburn much faster than their darker-skinned counterparts. Faster in this case, is very fast, as in pigment damage within 15 minutes (did you know?), whereas it is not uncommon for darker skin to tolerate direct sun exposure for hours. Do not try this at home. Just take… Continue reading 6 Foods That Fight or Soothe Sunburn