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6 Foods That Fight or Soothe Sunburn

We all know that most fair-skinned individuals experience sunburn much faster than their darker-skinned counterparts. Faster in this case, is very fast, as in pigment damage within 15 minutes (did you know?), whereas it is not uncommon for darker skin to tolerate direct sun exposure for hours. Do not try this at home. Just take… Continue reading 6 Foods That Fight or Soothe Sunburn


Gluten Free Options For Dinner

158 Main now offers 8 delicious Gluten Free selections for dinner. We've revised some of your favorite dishes to offer more dining options for individuals for whom gluten-free is a must, or a choice. And if you happen to worry that gluten-free means boring, or less flavorful, think again. We invite you to indulge in… Continue reading Gluten Free Options For Dinner