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Three Words For The New Year

PERSPECTIVE - A wise friend used to say, "Always mind the events of the world. Be informed, but never take your mind off the sweet spot. This, in the end, is your saving grace." Find the sweet spot. Take this decadent New Year's Eve Appetizer, for example. The naked eye was rather assaulted by the unattractive odds… Continue reading Three Words For The New Year

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Random Thoughts – Dec 28, 2012

The same question pops up here and there these days. Sometimes the person asking puts on a serious face, as if life itself depended on the answer. Most of the time, however, we ask it in jest, knowing very well that the answer has little grasp on us; or is it that we have little… Continue reading Random Thoughts – Dec 28, 2012

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Fresh Off The Press – Our New Year’s Eve Menu

Picture if you will three courses offering a selection of delicacies to excite every palate, from the traditionally inclined to the daring. Need we say more? On New year’s Eve, which is on a Monday, we will open from 8 am to 1 pm. This will be followed by a reprieve so we may prepare… Continue reading Fresh Off The Press – Our New Year’s Eve Menu